God and state given rights!

In the bible it is very clear that we are to pray (talk to God), and to make our petitions known to Him. We are commanded to pray not only for our selves but also to bless those in authority. There is no better place than in the heart of the city, the gate if you will, in the public square, the city hall. It is important to know that in this country, even though those that are against law and order and disagree with this statement, we as citizens have the privilege and approval with blessing from the highest law of the land, that is the constitution, which includes the charter of rights and freedoms. In it, it is very clear that we have certain guarantees of freedom such as religion, expression, assembly etc., Continue reading “God and state given rights!” »

Street Church Receives Cyber Attacks and Threats in Response to Battle with the City

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just two days after challenging City’s unconstitutional bylaw that disallows prayer or any religious activities inside City Hall’s municipal complex boundaries. Street Church receives repercussions of attacks and threats. Art Pawlowski, Thursday morning received a letter with threats that includes very disturbing statements. Here are some of them: Continue reading “Street Church Receives Cyber Attacks and Threats in Response to Battle with the City” »

Is the city of Calgary justified

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Is the city of Calgary justified in disallowing prayer in city hall during business hours without a permit?



Street preacher, flock defy Calgary city hall ban

By ,Calgary Sun

First posted: Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Owen Key (L), manager of corporate security at Calgary City Hall tries to block Art Pawlowski, minister of Street Church Ministries from entering old city hall where Pawlowski demanded to see Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi on January 31, 2012. This is after been given a one-year trespass order by city hall officials as well as ticketed by city police for praying, preaching and singing in the city hall atrium with his followers, who were also given the trespass order and some were also ticketed by police. STUART DRYDEN/CALGARY SUN  Continue reading “Street preacher, flock defy Calgary city hall ban” »

Street preacher given trespassing ticket for City Hall demonstration

January 31, 2012 6:12 PM


Activist pastor Art Pawlowski (pointing) returned to City Hall on Tuesday to protest his one-year ban from the building. Police handed him a trespassing ticket. Photograph by: Jason Markusoff Continue reading “Street preacher given trespassing ticket for City Hall demonstration” »

Renew freedom in Calgary…

We just wanted to take this opportunity to send you an update and an invitation to come back to City Hall this Tuesday at 12 noon we will be meeting in the Atrium and at the bottom of the escalators outside the City Council chambers.

Last week we went with between 25 to 30 believers to pray, read from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, read from the Canadian Bill of Rights, read quotes from different political leaders who stood for rights in the past, to sing the national anthem and to sing Amazing Grace.

Continue reading “Renew freedom in Calgary…” »

Editorial cartoon Jan. 26, 2012


Pawlowski evicted from city hall atrium again

Posted by Kenzie Love on Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Street preacher Artur Pawlowski and some members of his flock were booted from Calgary’s civic temple again Tuesday, which may or may not have been their goal, but did attract some much-prized coverage.

Calgary Sun columnist Michael Platt strongly criticized Pawlowski in his piece, suggesting the preacher’s attempt to hold a prayer meeting inside the municipal building’s atrium was prompted by his “massive ego,” and that his subsequent eviction was not, as Pawlowski claims, religious persecution. Continue reading “Pawlowski evicted from city hall atrium again” »



Watching St Paul’s, London, from a distance has been an interesting experience recently. I was then intrigued to discover that this Christian street preacher in Calgary was comparing his treatment with that of “Occupy Calgary.” Artur Pawlowski comments that, “I have stood over 70 times in the courts. We have been charged over 100 times. Eight arrests,” he says. “Just because I believe in Jesus Christ, I’m treated differently.” Continue reading “Occupied?” »

A Biblical Battle Plan for Faithful Street Ministry

December 9, 2011

Artur Pawlowski. Street Church. Are these names ringing a bell? Depending on your theological convictions, they may be actually sounding an alarm. Many Canadian Christians already know about brother Artur’s “evangelistic escapades” in Calgary, Alberta, over the past six years—actions which have lead to his repeated injunctions, fines, and arrests. A recent National Post article gave him national (and international) attention as he voiced his frustration over the treatment he’s received from police versus that of the Occupy movement protestors. Continue reading “A Biblical Battle Plan for Faithful Street Ministry” »